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My space is defined by the words migration and continuance. I have lived “overseas” for almost a decade and I have always believed that moving out of the country was a tragic end to that part of my life. Only last year did I realize that the ending to my previous life was not as bad as I initially thought it was. With that in mind, I continued forward and faced this new chapter of my life head-on. (read more)

In Transit

In Transit aims to capture the meaning of movement as described by seven people differentiated in geography and culture. Each person has experienced movement (and to some extent, displacement) at some point. The numerous scenes that they encountered in their day-to-day lives allows them to experience movement in various ways. Moreover, each photographer has their own style and photographic tool which imbues certain atmospheres in each photo. (read more)

Mukha: Faces of Young Filipinos in Winnipeg

Angela photographs young Filipinos while exploring the question, “Where are the young Filipino people in this city and where do they stand?” Through a series of photos and first-hand stories, she delves into their lives in Winnipeg as both young immigrants and first-generation Filipino-Canadians. (read more)

Latest Work

Ryan + Macy (2014)
Lontoc Family (2014)
Reign 2 (2013)
Sweet Inspirations (2013)