photo by my husband, K

Angela‘s love for photography has definitely grown from when she was a young teen from Winnipeg. More than a decade after and finally settling down in Toronto, she has now integrated the art in her routine, continuing to chronicle and remember life as she sees it. Aside from taking and making photos, she loves books, travel, coffee, tea, cosmetics, Joshi Camera, and chocolates. And her husband, who equally loves photography cameras. She appreciates a quick hi especially if you like her photos.

Before What if no one’s watching?, Angela has been blogging under numerous online handles since early 2002. This site is the successful result of her attempt to maintain a photoblog as she put writing to an indefinite halt.

What to see here? Majority are photos, and some stories taken using various photographic tools such as digital cameras, and several film types (35mm, 120 medium format, and instant film).