Tokyo and Kyoto Drinks of the Day

  • Posted on: September 9, 2013
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Aside from being the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan is also the Land of Vending Machines. The amount of vending machines is surprisingly insane, I doubt that this photoset can give it justice.

Unlike its North American counterpart, the drink options available in Japanese vending machines are endless. While I personally prefer water (flavored or not), the coffee and milk tea-dominated selection was my instant favorite.

I had this crazy idea of documenting the drinks I had during my stay. Some of my options were pretty straightforward (e.g. water, milk tea, coffee) or recommended by my friends, but my other choices were based from the ingredients/flavor listed or the product packaging. 😉

There were times where I just chose whatever because I was desperate to get myself a drink (damn Japan knows how to spell the word H-U-M-I-D!).